Tested By Time

Our products are built to last you through all your mountain adventures. Our most loved items are often the ones that take the most beating, but a scuff from a crampon, or burn mark from a stove shouldn't mean a trip to the shops.

Why Should I Care?

A brand like ours wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for its customers. Our environmental credentials, too, mean nothing without our customers’ actions. We rely on people like you. In most of our products’ life cycles the major environmental impact doesn’t happen during manufacture, and it doesn’t happen at the end of life: it happens when you, the customer, owns it. How you wash it, dry it, care for it, and how long you use a product for, make huge differences to the environmental impact of that product.

Professional Cleaning & Repairs

Caring for and repairing high value items by yourself can be a daunting prospect. Contact us for information on professional repairs and cleaning services.

Zip Care & Repair

A broken zip can spell disaster: halfway up a big route isn’t the time to find out your jacket won’t close. Broken zips are one of the leading causes of garment failure. Keeping zips working is all about prevention rather than cure, and operating them correctly.

Kit Care for Mountain Professionals

If you’re a professional user or you use your kit as uniform then it is important that your clothing and equipment is kept in good working order. Whether you are a mountain guide or instructor, working at height in foul weather, a Mountain Rescue team member, or a member of the armed forces, at one time or another you will be relying on your kit. Read our tips on caring for the kit you use every day.